Our luxury hourly transportation service is ideal for passengers requiring private transportation within town. Concierge Transportation Services’ hourly car service allows passengers the ability to customize their ground transportation experience. When you reserve an hourly car service, you just need to tell the driver your destination. Your driver will also wait for you outside the venue to take you to your next stop or run any errands you would choose for them to do. With this option there is no need to worry about wait time in between stops.

Our Concierge Transportation Drivers (CT Drivers) are professional, courteous, and meet all our screening requirements. In addition, your CT Drivers can pick you up from anywhere – the airport, your home, hotel, place of business, etc.

Concierge Transportation Services is a luxurious transportation service company. Understanding that getting to and from the airplane terminal can be exceptionally distressing, for that reason we are focused on giving on-time service, 24-7 to our clients, with viable transportation rates. When your Concierge Transportation driver picks you up and safely drops you off at your destination, all your needs will be taken care of. We are at your service and will be able to take you all around town.

WOW Transportation Services enables seniors to be able to take care of themselves. We want them to stay in their own homes and neighborhood as they age by providing a concierge senior in-home care service. WOW Concierge Transportation Services’ emphasis is on the health and well-being of your aging loved ones. More importantly we want them to get the most out of life.

Many seniors enjoy their independence, and there comes a time where additional assistance may be needed. For example, a simple ride to the doctor’s office can be facilitated If an elderly person is unable to complete a few tasks or activities of daily living on their own. Your loved ones will be able to receive senior in-home care assistance rather than entering into a nursing home.

At WOW we understand your concerns when you live miles away and your love one’s are getting older and living alone or your love’s live in town and you have taken on the responsibility to care for them. It’s is okay for you to take a short-term break to relieve the stress. You must take care of yourself to be there for you love one’s. We are here to help. You need a company that you can trust. Our people are bonded and have had background checks. 

It is important to WOW CT Services to provide Holistic Health Care. The body, mind, and spirit must be treated. Our services contain these three themes.


  • Transportation to and from Doctors office and therapy.
  • Help fill out paperwork at the office
  • Email or fax you the Doctor’s report after every visit
  • Help with daily activities
  • Transportation around town
  • Household repairs and tasks, organizing, light cleaning,
  • Meals to make certain seniors are eating properly
  • Grocery shopping


  • Get Senior involved with social activities and cultural events
  • Senior travel excursions
  • Educational and learning seminars
  • Bill paying


  • Transport to and from church or religious services.
  • Funeral escort and limo services

There is a quality of luxury and selectiveness to procuring a private driver. This additional obscurity consoles our clients who don’t need the glimmer of a limousine. A private driver has a reasonable and exacting way to deal with traffic situations around the city without relinquishing luxury or comfort.

We are your First Choice for First Class Service the number one source for reliable and trustworthy transportation service. When you are transported by Concierge Transportation Services we guarantee you will arrive at your conference, business meeting, doctors appointment or at the air terminal on time and in style. This enables you to perform various tasks, see the city, and avoid the stress of finding a taxi.

Discretion and safety are our most important service, CT drivers standout amongst others, because we always have our client’s best interest first. We will do nothing to compromise your trust and will handle special instructions with discretion.

Concierge Transportation Services promises our clients an experience that encompasses more than just our prompt and reliable transportation. We provide a professional, safe, trusting, luxurious, and calming atmosphere that allows our clients to let go all responsibility, share the company of friends or loved ones, and/or enjoy serene solitude that. Safety is the key to enjoying your plans whether it’s a wedding, commemoration, birthday party, theater excursion, or just a great night out on the town. It is our objective to provide you our clients the transportation service that will make your occasion a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience.

One of the primary reasons people choose Concierge Transportation Services is because they prefer to let us do the driving. Our clients find they can clear their minds and focus on meetings, work, or even sharing a drink with a friend.

Concierge Transportation Services will be at your beck and call for the entire time you are in our service. Concierge Transportation Drivers (CT Drivers) will know your schedule and be there well ahead of time. Our CT Drivers are flexible and can change itineraries to suit your plans. There is no job too big for our CT Drivers. We pride ourselves on professionalism and providing for the exact needs and desires of our clients. We can handle the last-minute to-do’s and everyday errands for you. Concierge Transportation Services is your First Choice for First Class Service.

For the discerning customer, hiring Concierge Transportation Services is one of the best choices you can make. From the selectiveness of our vehicles to the obscurity offered by our transportation service, you will be satisfied with our first-class drivers and cars. If you are looking for luxury, safety, reliability, and your own personal local guide rolled into one, hiring Concierge Transportation Services is the right choice for those who are used to the finer things in life.

Concierge Transportation Services will drive you to your upcoming event, function, doctor’s appointment, restaurant, or business meeting when you prefer not to drive but don’t want to pay the high cost associated with limo services. A CT personal driver may be your preferred and quite affordable alternative. We will send a Concierge Transportation driver (CT Driver) to your location to drive you in your car – assuming you have met these requirements: 1) must have a late model vehicle no older than 3 years; 2) insurance must cover another person driving your vehicle.  

Concierge Transportation Services maintains the highest level of professionalism and accountability for all its drivers. Your comfort, safety, and satisfaction are guaranteed. We do more than any other transportation company in the market to make sure we set the standard for all other transportation services.

Concierge Transportation Services’ Private Jet charters let you fly when, where, and how you need and give you all these advantages Worldwide. Accommodation, options, and time saved are the reasons our clients like flying in a private jet over first-class business section. When you book your private charter, you pick what you need: air terminal area, time of departure and landing, type of plane, where you arrive, and who you fly with. The comfort of not experiencing the typical airport terminal security check-in hassle is a tremendous advantage and wise use of your time. You never again need to check in two or more hours before your flight time, stand in the long lines, or endure any burden whatsoever. You will never have to worry about your luggage again. We will arrange to have your luggage meet you at your destination. All you will need is a carry-on and that jug of juice you like so much, your cell phone, laptop or tablet. Wi-Fi is free. Oh, and you can keep on your shoes

The best part is we drive you to your private jet, and all you have is a short walk to get on it. This is an accommodation you will become accustomed to quick. Holding up at the registration counter, miles of strolling through an airport terminal, and looking out for long lines at the gateway will be ancient history.

Concierge Transportation Services, also offers Nautical services with CT Captains. We will enable you to decide the best vessel for your occasion or event. You can unwind and relax, because we have the expertise and experience to deal with every one of your points of interest: Yacht/Watercraft Administration; angling vessels, water sports sailing, runabouts, luxury pontoons, speed boats, and private sculling (yacht). Whatever you’re craving, Concierge Transportation Services Boating will provide.

Your private gathering, of 12 or less (if more, please advise and we will accommodate), will appreciate the best first-class Yachts, including a Bose Encompass sound framework (with Bluetooth), Full galley (kitchen, finished with cutlery, glasses, and dishes), dish satellite television, AC, two heads (washrooms), three rooms, and a bar. We offer catered meals cooked on board, (with a server), from brunch to hors-d’oeuvres and supper. Sail the harbor, or take off to vast water, tie up, and go swimming. It’s dependent upon you.